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List of all Endangered Species

When most people consider endangered species they only think of animals. The fact is that many species are endangered including animals, plants and insects. The list of endangered species is much longer than most people realize.

Below is a list of endangered species. You will be amazed by the common and uncommon species you find there.

1. Tomah Mayfly

2. Karner Blue Butterfly

3. Shortnose Sturgeon

4. Round Whitefish

5. Deepwater Sculpin

6. Tiger Salamander

7. Northern Cricket Frog

8. Mud Turtle

9. Atlantic Hawksbill Sea Turtle

10. Atlantic Ridley Sea Turtle

11. Queen Snake

12. Spruce Grouse

13. Peregrine Falcon

14. Golden Eagle

15. Loggerhead Shrike

16. Short Eared Owl

17. Sperm Whale

18. Indiana Bat

19. Humpback Whale

20. Finback Whale

21. Cougar

22. Grey Wolf

23. Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle

24. Frosted Elfin

25. Lake Sturgeon

26. Mud Sunfish

27. Banded Sunfish

28. Swamp Darter

29. Spotted Darter

30. Green Sea Turtle

31. Timber Rattlesnake

32. Bald Eagle

33. King Rail

34. Sedge Wren

35. Upland Sandpiper

36. Southern Sprite

37. Canada Lynx

38. Checkered White

39. Common Sanddragon

40. Mottled Duskywing

41. A Noctuid Moth

42. Mountain Brook Lamprey

43. Blue Spotted Salamander

44. Jefferson Salamander

45. Southern Leopard Frog

46. Eastern Spadefoot Toad

47. Eastern Spiny Softshell

48. Eastern Hognose Snake

49. Sharp Shinned Hawk

50. Common Nighthawk

51. Whip-poor-will

52. Dwarf Wedgemussel

53. Clubshell

54. Chittenango Ovate Amber Snail

55. Fat pocketbook

56. American Burying Beetle

57. Regal Fritillary

58. Regal Fritillary

59. Spoonhead Sculpin

60. Bluebreast Darter

61. Cerulean Warbler

62. Black Skimmer

63. Red Headed Woodpecker

64. Golden Winged Warbler

65. Yellow-breasted Chat

66. Grasshopper Sparrow

67. Seaside Sparrow

68. Small Footed Bat

69. New England Cottontail

70. Harbor Porpoise

71. Allegheny Woodrat

72. Sei Whale

73. Blue Whale

74. Wavy Rayed Lampmussel

75. Green Floater

76. Lake Chubsucker

77. Blanding's Turtle

78. Fence Lizard

79. Least Bittern

80. Least Tern

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