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List of Female Celebrities

Female celebrities have been envied for years. From the roaring 1920s to the present day, women celebrities have influenced the way women view fashion and entertainment. More recently, celebrities have also been known for speaking out about their political views and about things going on through out the world. Women Celebrities set fashion and make-up trends that are followed by women all over the world. Although there is usually an “It girl' of the week in Hollywood, there are other celebrities that remain as role models through time. Below is a list of female celebrities who remained popular throughout their time. These women are great actresses and models but they are also great role models, for the most part.

Courtney Cox
Jennifer Aniston
Angelina Jolie
Jessica Simpson
Ashlee Simpson
Mandy Moore
Britney spears
Maryln Monroe
Jessica Beale
Scarlett Johansson
Alanis morissette
Amy Smart
Alicia Keys
Alicia Silverstone
Angie Harmon
Anna Nicole smith
Ashley Judd
Adriana Lima
Billie Piper
Bo Derek
Bridget Fonda
Brittany Murphy
Brooke burns
Brooke Shields
Carrie Underwood
Carly pope
Carmen Electra
Calista Flockhart
Catherine Zeta Jones
Charlize Theron
 Christie Brinkley
Christina Ricci
Cindy Crawford
Clare Danes
Christy Turlington
Claudia Schiffer
Courtney love
Daisy Fuentes
Dana Delany
Daryl Hannah
Debra messing
Demi Moore
Drew Barrymore
Elizabeth Hurley
Ashley Olsen
Mary Kate Olsen
Elle MacPherson
Eva Longoria
Tara Reid
Tea Leoni
Tyra Banks
Geena Davis
Gwen Stefani
Gwenyth Paltrow
Gisele Bundchen
Marcia cross
Mandy fisher
Marlo Thomas
Mariah Carey
Martina Mcbride
Meg Ryan
Mia Sara
Michelle Pfeiffer
Mena Suvari
Minnie Driver
Melissa Joan Heart
Naomi Campbell
Natalia Paris
Natalie Maines
Natalie Portman
Neve Campbell
Nia Long
Nicole Kidman
Nikki Cox
Niki Taylor
Nelly Furtado
Olivia Newton john
Penelope Cruz
Patricia Arquette
Pamela Anderson
Paula Vazquez
Piper Perabo
Portia de Rossi
Halle berry
Hilary swank
Irene Jacob
Jada Pinkett-Smith
Jaime Pressly
Jaime Bergman
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jenna Jameson
Jennifer Lopez
Jodie Foster
Julie Roberts

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