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List of Imax Theaters

Nothing is quite like the experience of watching a movie in an Imax theater. You almost feel as though was are in the movie yourself. The towering screen sweeps you up and makes you part of the action.

Here is a list of where you can find these theaters:

1. Tempe, Arizona

2. Cathedral City, California

3. San Jose, California

4. Dublin, California

5. Irvine, California

6. Los Angeles, California

7. Ontario, Canada

8. Sacramento, California

9. San Francisco, California

10. Santa Clarita, California

11. Colorado Springs, Colorado

12. Denver, Colorado

13. Manchester, Connecticut

14. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

15. Tampa, Florida

16. Buford, Georgia

17. Chicago, Illinois

18. Lincolnshire, Illinois

19. Woodridge, Illinois

20. Evansville, Indiana

21. Louisville, Kentucky

22. Natich, Massachusetts

23. Reading, Massachusetts

24. Boston, Massachusetts

25. Grand Rapids, Michigan

26. Lansing, Michigan

27. Dearborn, Michigan

28. Apple Valley, Minnesota

29. Las Vegas, Nevada

30. Atlantic City, New Jersey

31. New Rochelle, New York

32. New York, New York

33. Rochester, New York

34. West Nyack, New York

35. White Plains, New York

36. Williamsville, New York

37. Raleigh, North Carolina

38. Springdale, Ohio

39. Tulsa, Oklahoma

40. Tulsa, Oklahoma

41. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

42. King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

43. Charleston, South Carolina

44. Nashville, Tennessee

45. Dallas, Texas

46. Houston, Texas

47. San Antonio, Texas

48. Austin, Texas

49. Hampton, Virginia

50. Seattle, Washington

51. Spokane, Washington

52. Indianapolis, Minnesota

53. Calgary, Alberta

54. Edmonton, Alberta

55. Langley, British Columbia

56. Victoria, British Columbia

57. Vancouver, British Columbia

58. Halifax, Nova Scotia

59. London, Ontario

60. Niagara Falls, Ontario

61. Toronto, Ontario

62. Sudbury, Ontario

63. Montreal, Quebec

64. Quebec City, Quebec

65. Mexico City, Mexico

66. Winnipeg, Manitoba

67. Halifax, Nova Scotia

68. Vaughn, Ontario

69. Brossard, Quebec

70. Ottawa, Quebec

71. Regina, Saskatchewan

72. Tijuana, Baja California Norte

73. Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

74. Xalapa, Veracruz

75. Villahermosa, Tabasco

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