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List of Religions

There are many different types of religion from all over the world. Some religions have been around for centuries and others are forming at this very moment. It seems as though we never run out of ideas on how to explain and understand our spiritual thoughts.

Below is a list of religions from many different cultures and countries.

1. Nestorianism

2. Oriental Orthodoxy (Monophysitism)

3. Roman Catholicism

4. Anabaptists

5. Lutherans

6. Methodists

7. Pentecostals

8. Reformed

9. Presbyterianism

10. Mormonism

11. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

12. Anglican

13. Baptists

14. Society of Friends (Quakers)

15. Islam

16. Seventh Day Adventist

17. Black Hebrews

18. Buddists

19. Samaritans

20. Rastafarians

21. Jehovah's Witness

22. Adventism

23. Nation of Islam

24. Ahmadiyya

25. Shiite

26. Wahhabi

27. Alawites

28. Shafi'i

29. Zaiddiyah

30. Maliki

31. Deobandi

32. Sufism

33. Orthodox Judaism

34. Modern Orthodox Judaism

35. Conservative Judaism (Masorti)

36. Modern Orthodox Judaism

37. Hassidic Judaism

38. Karaite Judaism

39. Reconstructionist Judaism

40. Nazarenes

41. Crypto Jews

42. Hinduism

43. Druidry (Celtic Religion)

44. Greek mythology

45. Babylonian and Assyrian religion

46. Chinese mythology

47. Aztec mythology

48. Nauruan indigenous religion

49. Church of All Worlds

50. Judeo-Paganism

51. Orisha religions

52. Kongo religions

53. Wicca

54. Faery Wicca

55. Confucianism

56. Satanism

57. Law of One

58. Universal Life Church

59. Church of the Universe (marijuana sacrament)

60. Native American Church

61. Candomble

62. Transcendental Meditation

63. Hare Krishna

64. Purva mimamsa

65. Vedanta Society

66. Dances of Universal Peace

67. Unification Church

68. Holiness movement

69. Friends of the Western Buddhist Order

70. Johrei or Reiki

71. Hoa Hao

72. Golden Dawn

73. Spiritualism

74. Argenteum Astrum

75. Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis

76. Church of Jesus Christ Christian

77. Church of Scientology

78. Church Universal and Triumphant

79. Process Church of the Final Judgement

80. Kardecist Spiritism

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