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List of Radio Stations

As radio listeners, most of us stick to the same stations year after year. The fact is that there are hundreds of radio stations to choose from in every corner of every state.

Below is a list of radio stations available just in New York State.

1. WAAL 99.1 FM Classic Rock
2. WABC 770 AM News/Talk
3. WABH 1380 AM Oldies
4. WAJZ 96.3 FM Urban Contemporary
5. WALF 89.7 FM College
6. WAMK 90.9 FM Public Radio
7. WALL 1340 AM Children's
8. WABY 1160 AM Nostalgia
9. WALK 1370 AM Nostalgia
10. WACK 1420 AM Sports
11. WAMC 1400 AM Public Radio
12. WADO 1280 AM Spanish
13. WAIH 90.3 FM College
14. WAMF 1300 AM Country
15. WALK 97.5 FM Adult Contemporary
16. WAMC 90.3 FM Public Radio
17. WAER 88.3 FM College
18. WADR 1480 AM Sports
19. WBUF 92.9 FM Adult Hits
20. WBZA 98.9 FM 80's Rock
21. WBWZ 93.3 FM Hot AC
22. WCDB 90.9 FM College
23. WCBS 101.1 FM Oldies
24. WCAN 93.3 FM Public Radio
25. WCBA 1350 AM Adult Contemporary
26. WCDO 1490 AM Adult Contemporary
27. WBXL 90.5 FM College
28. WBZO 103.1 FM Oldies
29. WBSU 89.1 FM Variety
30. WBTA 1490 AM Variety
31. WCEL 91.9 FM Public Radio
32. WBTZ 99.9 FM Alternative
33. WBUG 101.1 FM Country
34. WCHN 970 AM Nostalgia
35. WCGR 1550 AM News/Talk
36. WCBS 880 AM News/Talk
37. WCDO 100.9 FM Adult Contemporary
38. WCEB 91.9 FM College
39. WCKM 98.5 FM Oldies
40. WCKR 92.1 FM Country
41. WGNA 107.7 FM Country
42. WGY 810 AM News/Talk
43. WHAM 1180 AM News/Talk
44. WHAZ 1330 AM Religious
45. WHBE 96.7 FM Business News
46. WGRF 96.9 FM Classic Rock
47. WHCL 88.7 FM College
48. WGWR 88.1 FM Religious
49. WHDL 1450 AM Oldies
50. WHEN 620 AM Sports
51. WGSU 89.3 FM Alternative
52. WGR 550 AM Sports
53. WGVA 1240 AM News/Talk
54. WHIC 1460 AM Religious
55. WHHO 1320 AM Talk
56. WHCR 90.3 FM College
57. WGNY 103.1 FM Hot AC
58. WHFM 95.3 FM Rock
59. WHCU 870 AM News/Talk
60. WGNY 1220 AM Oldies

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