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List of Scary Movies

Since the beginning of cinematography, the creation of scary movies has had a strong following. Filmmakers have strived to create horror movies that are both realistic and as thrilling as possible. Special effects and film editing programs have made scary movies more realistic and entertaining then ever before. For someone that is interested in scary movies and the film making industry, watching movies from the horror film genre, even older movies, is important. Here is a list of scary movies that film viewers have loved over the years. The list of scary movies that must be seen is listed below.

The Abominable Dr. Phibes
The Birds
The black cat
Bride of Frankenstein
Burn, witch, Burn
Carnival of souls
Curse of the demon
Dawn of the dead
The day the earth stood still
Dead of night
The exorcist
The exorcism of Emily rose
The fly
The haunting
Horror of Dracula
Horror hotel
House on haunted hill
Island of lost souls
The invisible man
The legend of hell house
The legend of sleepy hollow
Mad love
The mummy
Night of the living dead
The omen
Rosemary’s baby
The shining
The wolf man
House of wax
Night of the living dead
Friday the thirteenth
The sixth sense
The ring
Terror train
Texas chainsaw massacre
The Amityville horror
The birds
Prom night
Jason X
Jason Goes to Hell
Final Destination
Freddy vs. Jason
Whit Noise
I Kniw What You Did Last Summer
Delta Delta Die
Demon night
Open water
Cabin fever
Carnival of souls
Children of The Corn
Childs Play
Land of The Dead
Lost highway
The Last Horror Movie
Salem’s Lot
Saw 2
Secret Window
See No Evil
Snow White: A Tale of Terror
Sorority House Massacre

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